Glass breakage trap for suction processes - 2018109

Glass breakage trap for suction processes

Wherever broken glass or sharp-edged residues are to be expected during removal processes, the broken glass trap prevents damage to the subsequent suction hoses and the filter elements when entering the suction device.

Article number: 2018109


Depending on the requirement profile, the Krahnen glass breakage trap can be attached directly to the suction nozzle, to floor nozzles
or attached to the suction cup. Due to the flexible positioning in vertical or horizontal position, almost every customer request can be solved. An arrangement directly at the extraction point (e.g. machine,
tool, extraction arm or tripod) eliminates possible dangers even before transport in the suction hose. By lowering the flow rate, large fragments remain in the separator, where
An additional "grid plate" also stops fragments over 10 mm from deflection and impact cycles.
The user-friendly cleaning flap enables quick and easy disposal of the collected fragments. This guarantees a high level of operational reliability even under the heaviest loads.


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