This is us! And that's why we exist...

Good reasons to choose us

• We offer a permanent job in a family business.
• We pay performance-related remuneration and let our employees participate in the company's success.
• We have many voluntary social benefits such as company pension schemes, company doctors or semi-annual massages.
• Our employees have the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of further training opportunities in order to develop professionally and personally. We also have regular English classes and as a company we go all out.
• Workplace health promotion is also on our agenda.
• Of course we also have employee events and activities. At our annual Christmas party, table tennis tournament or other sporting event, we like to measure ourselves against other companies.

Working with us means...

Be part of the family business and therefore part of the community. As a family, we also have somewhat unusual uncles, loving mothers, creative older brothers, tech-savvy sisters, grandpas with experience of life, etc. We are all different. Each of us brings different talents and is a part of us. As a family business, we take responsibility and look after every employee. At the same time, every employee bears responsibility towards their colleagues and the company.

This is how we live our everyday work:

• We give our employees a great deal of creative freedom. If someone has a good idea for improving their workflow, they can implement it themselves. On the other hand, this requires every employee to take responsibility for their own decisions and to take the initiative to act.
• When our team needs help, no one stands above them and offers a helping hand to colleagues. If necessary, marketing managers can be involved in the production.
• Our company has a large number of employees with severe disabilities or impairments. That's part of it for us. Because talent knows no end, not even a disability card.
• We like to reliably meet deadlines and times. You could also say that we love to be punctual. Why? For us, punctuality means appreciating the time of others and dealing with it responsibly.
• Our doors are open. You can ask questions and exchange ideas with managers and colleagues at any time. We don't have a fruit basket, but we do have open communication and clear statements. With us, everyone knows where they stand. We call problems by their name, resolve ambiguities quickly and also acknowledge when we find that someone has done a great job.

If you think you would be a great fit for us, then get in touch with us now.

Unsolicited applications welcome!

We are looking forward to your contact. Also career changers are welcome. Dare! We have a lot to do!