Krahnen GmbH, history for 91 years, history

History for 91 years

KRAHNEN GmbH since 1970

Customers from the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical and igniter industries use KRAHNEN products for maintenance and quality assurance. They appreciate the advantages of the integrated overall solution from a single source and benefit from selected quality, constant reliability and comprehensive services. Our delivery program includes cleaning systems such as B. industrial vacuum cleaners, pharmaceutical vacuum cleaners, compressed air vacuum cleaners, acid vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning machines, compressed air fans and venturi nozzles for potentially explosive rooms and areas.

From the origin to the day after tomorrow - a safe story

KRAHNEN - A traditional Cologne company

In 1927, Emil Krahnen founded an advertising agency as an engineer with a focus on product and brand design in the field of mechanical engineering. In addition to the advertising design for machines of globally operating industrial groups, the name Krahnen is closely associated with the INBUS - screw brand. The brand name and the successful advertising campaign for this screw shape
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Foundation of Krahnen, Emil Krahnen, INBUS, office opening in Cologne Dellbrück
1927 - Foundation of Krahnen Advert in the USA

1952 - Emil Krahnen, brand design of the INBUS screw

1957 - Office opening in Cologne Dellbrück

1964 - Receipt of the NRW Design Prize

Dieter Garnies, foundation of Krahnen GmbH, mechanical engineering, opening of Cologne Mühlheim
1972 - Takeover of Krahnen KG by Dieter Garnies

1974 - Founding of Krahnen GmbH mechanical engineering

1976 - Opening of production in Cologne-Mülheim

Opening of a new location, Cologne Dellbrück, angle screwdrivers, explosion-proof cleaning machines
1980 - Opening of a new location in Cologne-Dellbrück

1982 - Development of angle wrenches for Ford works

1990 - Development of an explosion-proof cleaning machine for Bayer

1995 - Awarded the Adelbert Seifriz Prize

Guido Garnies, compressed air vacuum cleaner, launch of the first explosion-proof vacuum cleaner
1998 - Takeover by Guido Garnies

1998 - Participation of KSK Venture Capital GmbH

1999 - Development of the first compressed air vacuum cleaner

2000 - Launch of the world's first explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

2004 - Receipt of the "Prize of the German Economy"

Market launch ATEX, suction range, certification, pharmaceutical suction
2008 - Market launch ATEX - suction range

2014 - Certification according to Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU

2014 - Sales launch of the pharmaceutical suction program

2015 - Development of Safety Change™

Start of sales of the new product range, start of the digital age.
2019 - Sale of the laboratory technology division

2020 - Sales launch of the new product range

2021 - Start of the digital age

Krahnen GmbH is founded in New York
2022 - Establishment of Krahnen North America Corp. in NYC

... We are in the middle of the future...