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Cranes are blooming!

Our #Krahnenblossom campaign is in full swing!

We sent hundreds of flowers and plants disguised as A6 paper in recyclable Krahnen envelopes to give back to the environment and give our customers an easy, fun and exciting journey towards sustainability. The great thing is that this can be done at work, in the front yard or wherever you want.

Simply place the seed paper on a suitable spot of soil and cover it with about 1 cm. Now just water well, keep moist and wait for the plants to grow.

Please let us be part of your own personal “experiment” with the seed paper and share it on social media using the hashtag “crane blossoms”.
In addition, we look forward to any feedback or questions you may have about the campaign in the comment sections of our social media channels or by direct message.

week 1

Here is a small update on the seed papers planted in our company!

After about a week, the first flowers sprout from the soil in our front yard. We are keen to monitor further developments and will of course keep you up to date.

week 2-3

After about 3 weeks, the flowers have already grown several centimeters and give you an idea of what will become of them.

Week 4-5

After about 4 weeks the first real "wow" moment. The plants are really blossoming and have now grown well over ten centimetres. We are looking forward to the next few weeks and are following our former papers closely!

week 6-7

Now after about 6 weeks you can already see a big growth spurt in our specimen! We hope for the next flowers in the next few weeks.

week 8-9

After about 8 weeks you can already see a larger plant, which adorns itself with several flowers. We are looking forward to more blossoms and are watching over our green friends.

Our environmental policy

The environmental policy of Krahnen GmbH intends to meet all relevant and legal requirements and environmental protection regulations.

This includes:

- Environmental impacts in our corporate goals, and therefore also to be taken into account in decision-making.
- The promotion of a resource-appreciating culture.
- The sensitization of the workforce to environmental protection regulations.
- To create access to our environmental policy and our environmental protection goals for both the Krahnen GmbH workforce and stakeholders/customers.

Objectives of environmental policy:

- Saving of energy and other resources.
- Reduction of harmful emissions.
- Introduction of practices and various best practices to measure and monitor waste and emissions.
- Training, informing and educating the workforce in all necessary environmental issues affecting Krahnen GmbH.
- Collaboration with various suppliers, customers or other partners to improve common environmental behavior.

Our employees also attach great importance to sustainability and also take a step in the right direction themselves by often coming to work by bicycle, e-bike or e-car. Of course, there are enough parking spaces and charging stations to actively support our employees in this endeavor.

Tested and certified KRAHNEN security

KRAHNEN GmbH receives Silver Rating from EcoVadis

We underwent the EcoVadis "Supplier Sustainability Rating" in 2022. In doing so, we are pursuing the goal of transparently disclosing our environmental and social practices as well as our understanding of ethics to our business partners. As a company, we also want to live up to our responsibility for sustainable development. The EcoVadis rating assesses the performance of suppliers with regard to 21 corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability criteria. The EcoVadis methodology corresponds to the international GRI/G4 (GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines) and ISO 26,000 guidelines.