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Our employees are like family to us!

As a family business, sustainability is not just a term for us at Krahnen, but a deeply rooted philosophy that affects all aspects of our company. We feel a particular responsibility towards our employees, because they are the heart and soul of our company.

At Krahnen, we see our employees not just as employees, but as part of our large corporate family. Each individual contributes to our success and our positive impact on society. It is therefore natural for us to invest in their development and well-being.

Our commitment to our employees begins with staff development . We attach great importance to ensuring that our employees have the opportunity to continue their education and develop professionally and personally . Regular training and courses help them to expand their skills and achieve their career goals.

In addition, at Krahnen we create a working culture based on openness, respect and appreciation . The well-being of our employees is important to us, which is why we promote work-life balance measures, flexible working hours and offer support with personal challenges. Because only satisfied employees can develop their full potential and contribute to the success of the company.

For us, sustainability also means that we keep the long-term safety of our employees in mind. We are committed to long-term employment and invest in safety in the workplace. The well-being of our employees always comes first.

At Krahnen, our employees are not just a number on the balance sheet, but individual people who make a valuable contribution every day. As a family business, we know that our employees are the backbone of our success and we firmly believe that a sustainable and employee-oriented philosophy forms the basis for a successful future.

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Corporate values

Sustainability is not only a question of environmental protection, but also of social responsibility . That is why we at Krahnen GmbH are proud of our core values, which form the foundation of our corporate culture. These core values shape our daily actions and influence our decisions and interactions with customers, employees and society.

Integrity, openness and respect are of the utmost importance to us. We are committed to ethical behavior and act transparently and responsibly. We rely on open communication and respectful interaction with one another, both within our company and in our relationships with customers, suppliers and society.

We are aware of our financial and social responsibility . We pursue sustainable business practices and contribute to social and ecological development. In doing so, we pay attention to protecting the environment, promoting human rights and adhering to ethical standards.

Our customer focus is central to everything we do. We strive to understand our customers' needs and offer them high-quality products and services . We strive for long-term partnerships and place great value on customer satisfaction .

Our commitment to quality drives us to continuously strive for the highest standards . We focus on quality, efficiency and innovation to exceed the expectations of our customers and business partners.

These core values reflect our commitment to responsible corporate governance . They are the benchmark against which we measure our actions and help us achieve long-term success and make a positive contribution to society.

Social commitment

As a responsible company, Krahnen GmbH is also actively involved in social issues and is committed to the well-being of the community . We firmly believe that successful companies also have a responsibility towards society and should help to bring about positive change.

Our social commitment includes various activities and initiatives through which we contribute to important social issues. We support local non-profit organizations and institutions that work for the well-being of people in need, for education, health or environmental protection. This includes, for example, sponsoring four local football clubs, where we promote the development of young talent and contribute to strengthening the community. In addition, every year at Christmas we donate a certain amount of money to charities to help and support disadvantaged people.

These and other measures demonstrate Krahnen GmbH's commitment to social issues and help to have a positive impact on the community. We are proud to be part of the community and to make a difference in the lives of local people through our support and donations. Our goal is to improve living conditions in our area and to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable society.

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Our environmental policy
  • Commitment to environmental protection and sustainability
  • Reducing environmental impacts and resource consumption
  • Use of environmentally friendly technologies and products
  • Compliance with relevant environmental laws and regulations
  • Promoting environmental awareness and responsibility among employees
  • Continuous improvement of environmental performance through monitoring, measurement and analysis
  • Promoting recycling, waste prevention and disposal
  • Efficient use of energy and resources
  • Protecting biodiversity and the ecosystem
  • Working with suppliers and partners to promote sustainable practices
  • Open communication and transparency regarding environmental policy and performance

In our sustainability report, we go into detail about our environmental policy and the issues associated with it. We are committed to promoting environmental protection and sustainability in our company. In the report, we present our measures to reduce environmental impacts and resource consumption . You will also find comprehensive information about our environmental policy, our goals and our progress. We are proud to accept our responsibility towards the environment and to continuously work towards a sustainable future.

Many of our employees are setting an example for a green future by coming to work by electric bike, electric car or public transport. Of course, we have provided enough charging stations so that our employees can conveniently charge their electric vehicles.

It is encouraging to see how our employees integrate their values into their everyday lives and choose environmentally friendly mobility.

Tested and certified KRAHNEN security

KRAHNEN GmbH receives Bronze Rating from EcoVadis

We underwent the EcoVadis "Supplier Sustainability Rating" in 2023. Our aim is to transparently disclose our environmental and social practices and our understanding of ethics to our business partners. In addition, as a company, we want to live up to our responsibility for sustainable development. The EcoVadis rating assesses the performance of suppliers with regard to 21 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability criteria. The EcoVadis methodology corresponds to the international GRI/G4 (GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines) and ISO 26,000 guidelines.