Industrial vacuum cleaners from KRAHNEN for different applications

In all branches of industry there are different requirements and demands on extraction solutions and other cleaning technology. Particularly when it comes to potentially explosive areas or clean rooms, the safety and hygiene requirements are very high. KRAHNEN has specialized in industrial vacuum cleaners and other cleaning technology for demanding applications since 1970. You will find the right industrial vacuum cleaner for industrial wet and dry suction with us. This includes industrial vacuum cleaners for the mobile extraction of hazardous substances such as flammable dusts, solvents, acids and alkalis, etc. as well as extraction systems for (flammable) dusts, gases and vapors. We also have ATEX vacuums in accordance with current explosion protection guidelines, clean room vacuums and very special industrial vacuums for explosives or in the event of an accident ready for you. Thanks to the modular principle, you can assemble, equip and retrofit our suction solutions according to your requirements.

Areas of application for which our products are suitable

ATEX vacuum cleaner
Endless pack teat
Average solutions
Solvent vacuum cleaner
Clean room
Acids and alkalis
Explosives suckers

The right cleaning solution for every application - thanks to the modular principle

Our industrial vacuum cleaners are developed on a modular basis. That means maximum flexibility for you. Over 100 industrial vacuum cleaners are available to you due to the variety and many other solutions are configurable. Do you need a solution for extraction in dust-Ex or gas-Ex areas of Ex zones 1/2/21/22 or a non-Ex area? For fine dust, coarse dust, liquids or contaminated suction material? You will find the right vacuum cleaner and other cleaning solutions for all applications. Choose the right filter options from dust classes L, M, HEPA and ULPA up to 40 different activated carbon filters - depending on the application. We also have variants made of stainless steel or other materials for the highest purity requirements. In combination with numerous accessories, such as special safety tools or disposal systems, you can equip the industrial solution as required. For the extraction of workplaces and environments, machines or integrated into production processes, as required.

Advice and services around industrial vacuum cleaners and applications

If required, KRAHNEN will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice. So that you get exactly the industrial vacuum cleaner that you need for your application. Even after the purchase, we are happy to support you with services such as regular maintenance, inspections or repairs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out more. We are glad to be here for you!