Quality management

In order to be able to carry out our quality management properly, we are guided by the following points:

  1. Customer-oriented and sustainable success: If customer expectations are to be met or exceeded, customers can also be viewed as people who follow the company's internal processes in the next step. Therefore, added value should always be created by at least fulfilling expectations - be it towards external customers or others within the company.
  2. Leadership and leadership: Good managers serve as role models - this contributes to the success of the entire company.
  3. Participation of the people: Only the motivated and actively involved employees of the company can achieve good quality.
  4. Process-oriented approach: processes are the foundation of every company. They have to be continuously improved, especially with regard to interfaces, since they are a frequent source of errors. The organization is focused on the process.
  5. Improvement process: Continuous improvement is one of the core objectives of quality management. This requires a systematic approach in order to find the cause of the error, to question yourself and to create continuous further development.
  6. Fact-based decision making: Complexity makes it difficult to make the right decision, and subjective perception has an additional influence. It is therefore important to focus on clear data and make decisions based on it.
  7. Relationship management: All stakeholders should be actively involved. In order to build up the relationship between inside and outside as comprehensively as possible, your wishes must be recognized and taken into account.

Tested and certified KRAHNEN security

KRAHNEN GmbH relies on quality and state-of-the-art technology for all products. In order to meet the increasing demands, KRAHNEN has been developing and producing exclusively in Germany since it was founded and guarantees good, reliable, solid and innovative products. The production location in Germany provides us with the ideal conditions to guarantee the best quality in products and service.

Our production is monitored and audited by TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH as a neutral and independent service provider with an approved body. With understandable and meaningful test reports and type tests, we guarantee our customers the highest quality and safety.